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"I've been using and recommending Jolly Giant products to my clients for over 10 years because they are well designed, well executed and the customer support is exemplary. I use QWS3270 Secure ...
Meg Boendier, President HCWT, Ltd. Atlanta, GA
Jolly Giant Software, Inc. has been acquired by Brandon Systems. Please read our Press Release.
Company Information
Company Information

Founded in 1994, Jolly Giant Software Inc. (JGS) develops and markets cost effective TN3270E connectivity software, enabling PC’s to connect to IBM mainframes using TCP/IP.  Other products from JGS include: a secure version (SSL) of the TN3270 emulator; and a FTP product that sends and receives files between your PC and remote servers such as IBM mainframes, NetWare Servers, Windows systems and Unix systems. 

Our company philosophy, “Service out of this world” comprises the following: 

1. Develop quality software that is reliable, fast and efficient.
2. Maintain fair and reasonable prices.
3. Provide first-rate, knowledgeable customer support.
4. Treat our customers as we wish to be treated.
With over 950,000 copies of our software licensed worldwide, we must be doing something right!  In fact, JGS is fast becoming a major supplier of mainframe connectivity solutions to businesses and organizations around the world. We have grown so much we have pushed beyond our existing walls and have built a new facility in the ‘Limestone City’, nickname for Kingston, Ontario. The natural qualities of the wood, glass, and limestone used in this building make it a welcome addition to Kingston’s high-tech office park.